How to become an OCA© mirror site, and run your own local copy.

To run an OCA© mirror you will need the following:
PDB retrieve it from:
if not all, at least the directories data/ and derived_data/
How to mirror PDB data.
Supporting software Perl, glimpse, ispell, fasta3, gunzip.
The requirements page contains suggestions on where to download the software from, arranged by platform.

What to do next:
Send an email to to request the information on how to download OCA©. Include in the email some information of your site, in the following format:
$mirror{WIS}   = "";
$mirname1{WIS} = "Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel";
$mirname2{WIS} = "";
$mirzone{WIS}  = 3;
$emailnm{WIS}  = "Jaime Prilusky";
$emailct{WIS}  = "ocahelp\";
$acronym{WIS}  = "Weizmann Institute of Science";
$homeURL{WIS}  = "";

for the mirzone value select one of these
# 1. North and Central America
# 2. Europe
# 3. Africa and Middle East
# 4. Asia
# 5. Australia and Oceania
# 6. South America