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ID Enter either a PDB accession code (2ACE), a Gene Ontology id (GO:0042135), an Interpro id (IPR000997), a PubMed id (8989325), a CATH id (10mhA1), a PFam id (PF00959)
Keyword Molecule name, class or family, or related term [HEADER, TITLE, KEYWDS and COMPND fields]
Author Family name of depositor or author of associated publication [AUTHOR and JRNL fields]
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Any word in the complete PDB text, e.g. ssbond or CIS. Search Enzymes by EC (Enzyme Commission) number EC. or EC.1.1
Method of Structure
Gene Gene designation (as in GNGT1,TP53,PDC)
Function Function description related (as in accelerate, lesion)
Disease Disease description related (as in polyneuropathy , obesity, sclerosis, hyperzincemia, diarrhea)
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[Show alignment ] [cutoff value: ] (values < 0.01 are almost always homologous)
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Resolution Enter 2.17-2.20 for an inclusive range search, or 3.0 for a unique value (in Å) [REMARK 2 field]
Space group Enter P 21 or P 1 21 1 (both extended and standard Hermann-Mauguin symbols are recognized) [CRYST1 field]
Organism Source's trivial name or systematic name (as in human, man, homo) Combine with kingdom to improve the search results.
Kingdom (select one OR more)
archaea 579   structures with sequence from archaeabacteria
bacteria 7510   structures with sequence from prokaryotes
eukaryota 12610   structures with sequence from eukaryotes
viruses 1685   structures with sequence from viruses and phages
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in DAY-MONTH-YEAR format, using either '/' or '-' as separators. The month can be entered as a 3 letter name (as in 9/Sep/1986 ) or as a number (as in 30-11-02)
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Associated group Prosthetic group, metal ion, ligand or substrate, or its three letter PDB abbreviation (as in isocitric, ICT). [HET and HETNAM fields]
Chain size Enter 10-20 for an inclusive range search, or 58 for a unique value. Other options are >900 (larger than 900), <30 (smaller that 30).
Subset Representative Macromolecules
NMR structures with restraint data
Structures with Electron Density Map

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